49th Parallels: Alternative Canadian Histories and Futures

A country consists of the stories we tell about it. National myths—not all of them based in reality—define how we look at our past and how we consider our future. Sometimes we can only see the truth by contemplating how it all might have been different. By seeing how different choices lead to different outcomes we can better understand how the choices we make now will determine the future we will all live in. Greatness is always a matter of choice, not chance.

49th Parallels offers 20 stories and 5 poems by writers from coast to coast in Canada and abroad which answer the questions: how might it have been different and how might things change?

Bundoran Press anthologies have received four Aurora Award nominations and two wins. They have been called “cool” and “leading edge” (AESciFi), “terrific” (Quill and Quire) and “memorable and thought provoking” (all Our Worlds).

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