Infinite Dimensions: Crossroads


Challenging times require difficult choices — not only in the here and now, but on other worlds, in times long past or futures yet to come.  We present a collection of five tales of characters each facing their own personal crossroad, a critical choice that could change not only their own lives, but the future of their societies, in ways they can’t begin to foresee.

Humanity:  An elite soldier of the far future must decide where her allegiances lie.  Fire Star:  A young girl reclaims her family legacy and forges a new future, especially her own. Better or Worse:  In a grim tomorrow of corporate dominance, one woman seeks her freedom at any cost.  Mother of Pearls:  A healer in a broken kingdom of dark magic discovers the source of the power she wields.  Cascadia:  In pursuit of the truth, a young professor must flee a fragmented nation that no longer knows what truth is.

CROSSROADS is the first of the INFINITE DIMENSIONS series of theme-based speculative fiction anthologies written by new and upcoming authors, exploring ideas in a time starved for truth. Because among the infinite dimensions, the choices you make at the crossroads might just save the world.

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