Alliance of Exiles (Expansion Series #2)

Shomoro Lacharoksa’s life depends on turning an enemy into an ally.

Just months after the assassin Mose Attarrish surfaced in Neo-Chicago, her intelligence networks reveal his next target: Shomoro herself.

The High Council wants to throw him into the darkest pit on Teluk for his crimes, but Shomoro sees another way: recruit him to her team and turn the Terrans’ weapon against them.

But Shomoro’s life isn’t the only thing at risk. She bought her fragile sanctuary on Teluk with the promise of developing countermeasures against the next Terran nanoweapon, and at least one Council faction is determined to protect its investment at any cost.

As Mose’s arrival looms and her alliance is drawn into the Council’s schemes, fault lines appear between her and the people she relies on most.

If she can’t win them to her side, Shomoro may lose not just a potential ally, but the ones she already has.

Alliance of Exiles is the second book in the Expansion Space Opera series, where your worst enemy may be your closest ally.