Ashes of Victory (Expansion Series #4)

Betrayed. Abandoned. And sent to a city at war.

Shomoro paid the price for defying the High Council. With her status revoked, the surarchy she once served has summoned her to explain her fifteen-year absence. Now she must find exonerating evidence, or face the surarchy empty handed.

It won’t be easy. Her best lead is in Diego Two, a city afire with civil unrest after the Djandjer-Pralsh’s failed revolution.

But the greatest threat is still to come: embittered by the deaths of his comrades, Gau has enlisted the warlike Urd in his scheme for revenge.

And what he brings to Diego Two will be a disaster no one can prepare for…

ASHES OF VICTORY is a thrilling science fiction adventure where the fires of defeat loom over every triumph. Get ASHES OF VICTORY today!


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